America’s next most important election? The L.A. district attorney race"

– Los Angeles Times

D.A. George Gascón is a proven national leader in the movement to end mass incarceration without compromising safety, while D.A. Jackie Lacey has opposed even modest reforms, taking Los Angeles backwards on criminal justice issues.

Los Angeles is far and away the largest county and the largest jailer in the nation, and replacing D.A. Lacey with a bold progressive would have profound impact for millions in L.A. and the national justice reform movement.

Lacey is known for supporting cash bail and the death penalty, opposing marijuana reform, repeatedly supporting the prosecution and incarceration of kids, and campaign finance ethics scandals. She has been widely condemned for winning death sentences only against people of color.

Gascón opposes cash bail and the death penalty, developed cutting-edge reforms to tackle racial bias and expunge marijuana convictions, and led San Francisco to become the nation’s first major city to shut down juvenile hall.

Gascón immigrated with his family to the United States in 1967 and was raised in Bell, California. A graduate of Cal State Long Beach, he joined the LAPD in 1978 and rose to the rank of Assistant Police Chief. Gascón became the first Latino to hold the office of District Attorney in San Francisco, where he has earned a national reputation as a bold criminal justice reformer.

“[The] most important D.A. race in the country”

– New York Times

“Gascón has been on the front lines of criminal justice reform and police accountability...Lacey
 is a more traditional law-and-order prosecutor.”

– San Francisco Chronicle

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